Franchise Agreement Resolution

Town of Callicoon
County of Sullivan

In the Matter of the Renewal of the Cable Television Franchise Held by Spectrum Northeast, LLC, locally known as Charter Communications in the Town of Callicoon, Sullivan County.


An application has been duly made to the Board of the Town of Callicoon, County of Sullivan, New York, by SPECTRUM NORTHEAST, LLC, locally known as Charter Communications, a partnership organized under the laws of the State of New York doing business at 20 Century Hill Drive Latham, NY 12110, and holder of a cable television franchise in the Town of Callicoon for the approval of an agreement to renew the cable television franchise for an additional ten (10) years. The Franchise Renewal Agreement would bring the franchise into conformity with certain provisions of the Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, as amended, and certain court rulings.

A public hearing was held in the Town of Callicoon on ____________, 2020, at _____ P.M. and notice of the hearing was published in the ________ on _____________, 2020.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of the Town of Callicoon finds that:

  1. Charter Communications has substantially complied with the material terms and conditions of its existing franchise and with applicable law; and
  2. The quality of the Charter Communications service, including signal quality, response to customer complaints and billing practices has been in light of community needs; and
  3. Charter Communications has the financial, legal and technical ability to provide these services, facilities and equipment as set forth in its proposal attached; and
  4. Charter Communications can reasonably meet the future cable-related community needs and interests, taking into account the cost of meeting such needs and interests.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of the Town of Callicoon hereby renews the cable television franchise in the Town of Callicoon for ten (10) years commencing on the date of approval by the Public Service Commission.

The foregoing having received a yea vote was thereby declared adopted.