Damage From Hurricane Ida – Self Reporting Tool

In collaboration with affected counties, New York State has developed this online form allowing residents to self-report damages to their homes and/or businesses caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred and Hurricane Ida. The purpose of this form is solely to collect information that may help State and local officials identify supplemental damages to develop and augment potential requests for available federal assistance programs.

This form is NOT an application for relief programs.

Please note:

  • Do not use this form to report immediate, life-threatening needs. Call 911.
  • Reporting damage is a voluntary activity and is not a substitute for reporting damage to your insurance agency, nor does it guarantee disaster relief assistance.
  • Please submit one survey per affected housing unit or business.
  • This form is for damages that occurred in New York State only.

Before filling out the survey, take a moment to review the criteria for damaged homes on the previous page.

Damage From Hurricane Ida – Self Reporting Tool